Dom – Sun Bronzed Greek Gods EP

DOM - Living In America

This one’s been out a few months, but it’s so much fun to write and think about that I can’t choose anything else for my first review on this blog. A quick rundown of awesome things about this band that don’t include the music:
• The album title (considering the whole band is a bunch of skinny, pasty kids from Worcester, MA)
• The album cover (containing the lead singer’s cat, Bochicha, for whom a song on the album is named)
• The lead singer’s willingness to lie and say ridiculous things in Pitchfork interviews (like claiming that the song “Bochicha” is a stadium anthem for a semi-pro hockey team near the band’s hometown)

Already this band has my attention. Throw in the singer (we’ll just call him Dom, since he won’t reveal his last name out of fear of debt collection), who sounds more convincingly like a chick than any guy I’ve heard in a long, LONG time and writes hilarious songs about how sexy it is to be “Living in America” and wanting to do ecstacy and make out with “Jesus” in a movie theater, and I’m in the band’s corner.

The reason I’ve skirted around the subject of the actual music to this point is that Dom (the band) is exceedingly hard to pin down, beyond a general umbrella of lo-fi indie pop. They are absolutely made of catchy hooks, like the huge synth sound of “Living in America” and the earworm of a guitar line running through “Rude as Jude”, but they’re surprisingly versatile; amazingly, the pan flute-copping synths of “Burn Bridges” share album space with “Bochicha”, which actually wouldn’t sound too out of place as a stadium sing-a-long, now that they mention it, considering the guitar line, ripped straight from the Troggs’ “Wild Thing.” Bottom line, Dom is worth your time if you like fun. They sound like they invented it. – Matt Rothstein AKA DJ Tronic

Dom – Living In America