Longtime DJ Eric Hinnov Departs WOBC

WOBC DJ Erik Hinnov

DJ Erik Hinnov holds Shok Paris vinyl

Between producing and DJing several metal and rock shows and serving as Director of the metal department, Erik Hinnov has been a fixture of the WOBC community. WOBC wishes Erik and his family well in their new endeavors. You can listen to Erik’s last show (for now) below.

Erik Hinnov, Larger than Time, Heavier than Night, last show.

4 comments to Longtime DJ Eric Hinnov Departs WOBC

  • Erik Hinnov

    Thanks, folks! WOBC allowed me to be a part of the Oberlin community, and share the music I love, AND meet and talk with all of my heavy metal idols! I’m very grateful for the opportunity you gave me. And I hope you all learned a little about metal along the way. Horns up, and be well. Thank you again!!!

  • Max Rivlin-Nadler

    Ah, Erik will be missed! An incredible component of the WOBC family, and as devoted a DJ as there ever was. Godspeed!

  • Leo F

    Extreme bummer for WOBC! Good luck with everything Erik!

  • Cubby

    Good luck, Erik! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your passion with me and everyone in Oberlin.

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