SITES Radio!

Spanish In The Elementary Schools

Spanish In The Elementary Schools (SITES) allows Oberlin College students to teach Spanish to Oberlin public school students. For their final project, Mr. Codney’s 4th grade class at Prospect Elementary School learned about community radio and then students planned, practiced and recorded their own radio program to show off what they learned this year. Parents, students, and anyone else can listen to the audio, which includes the following segments: 

1. “Bienvenido”- A welcome from the class
2. “Introducción”- An intro about the date and weather
3. “La Familia”- Students talking about the members of their families
4. “El Alfabeto”-The call-and-response alphabet song
5. “Los Animales”- Students teaching each other how to say different animal names in Spanish
6. “¡Pies Pies Pies!”- A song that students sing about the body, “el cuerpo”. Accompanied by an exhausting dance!
7. “¿Qué quieres ser?”- Students share what they want to be when they grow up
8. “¡Adiós!”- The “Goodbye” song

The piece was recorded by Spanish teachers Caroline Lewis and Chris Gollmar and produced by Caroline Lewis. Thanks to Professor Codney’s class for a great year!


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