Pictures From The WOBC Filing Party

Twice a year WOBC calls upon its DJ’s to help get the music library in tip-top shape.

Records Waiting To Be Filed
Records waiting to be filed.

WOBC DJ Hard at Work

A WOBC DJ hard at work, refiling.


WOBC Metal Director WARBOSS will not sleep until everything is in order.

Thanks to Music Librarian Maggie Gruner for putting this thing on and making delicious food as well. Thanks to Talk Director Francesca Krihely for the pix.

2 thoughts on “Pictures From The WOBC Filing Party”

  1. You still have records in that record closet? I was a DJ from ’66 thru ’70, and of course that’s all we had.

    Somewhere buried in there used to be a Simon & Garfunkel album I got them to autograph when they appeared at Finney Chapel. Unless it was stolen sometime in the last 40 years …

    Every 5 years I come by for a reunion, but for at least the last 2, no one answered when I rang the doorbell 🙁

  2. Hi Paul,

    We still have thousands of records! I really have no idea how many thousands we have but I would guess a few tens of thousands. I’ll have to check for your S&G album.

    We do have open houses during the Commencement week, but we don’t have regular programming during that time. It’s possible that you just came at a bad time. We’ll be posting our Commencement schedule soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


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