Lowly, The Tree Ghost LIVE on WOBC

Krazie Mike is hosting Cleveland band Lowly, The Tree Ghost tonight, at 10 pm on WOBC. They will be playing an exciting live set! You can tune in at 91.5 FM in Lorain County, or at wobc.org from the rest of the universe. It’s going to rock!

Be sure to check out their MySpace!

4 comments to Lowly, The Tree Ghost LIVE on WOBC

  • tracy

    the music sounds great…the singer sounds like he really isn’t into his own music though. i really like the name of the project. (minus the comma) but good job guys keep up the good work.

  • Operations Manager

    This sounds awesome! Woo

  • paul beaver

    hey bros. good job. keep on broin on. i brotally dig this broject. maybe someday i will be in cleveland again and i can see you bros.

  • Jamie

    Road To Nowhere, yeah!! My night just got better

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