Phoenix, 1/5/10

Editor’s Note: WOBC’s Matt Orenstein (pop director) AKA LIONEL O and Oberlin student Meagan Day AKA WISDOM TOOTH will be blogging their winter tour for Keep checking this site for updates!

Hi, Radioland

We — being Meagan Day (Wisdom Tooth) and I — are about to head to Albuquerque, but I figured I’d drop a line before the two of us hit the road. We’re touring the Southwest, moving east. Last night was the first show. It was in Phoenix at a house called The Tribe, and I can’t imagine a better way to start a tour. We had a couple other shows to compete with: one house show, and Sonic Youth. Given that, we drew a few people, and they all seemed to like what Meagan, Stephen Steinbrink, and I played. They were also a lot of fun to hang out with before, during, and after the show. Nice people around here. I’m glad we’re spending as much time in the SW as we are. Stephen and his Mom were kind enough to let us sleep at their house, and we had the good fortune of having Stephen show us some of Phoenix. Pix are forthcoming. I’ve never been to this part of the country, so I’ve never seen anything like it. I have a hard time fathoming anything other than snow and gray in the wintertime, and blue sky in grass in the summer. I’m not being melodramatic. The last couple weeks in Minneapolis were colder than cold, and the weeks leading up to those in Ohio were slightly less cold but no less gray. Not so down here. 60 degrees is sweater weather. What a place. I love it.

There’s really not a whole lot else to tell at this point. Tonight we have another show, tomorrow we don’t. My latest album, “Stranger,” will hopefully be up on iTunes while we’re on the road, so if you’re inclined keep your eyes peeled. There’s a WOBC connect here: Jesse, our manager, was kind enough to help me with the artwork.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you soon.