Bucket of Blood: Austin, 1/8

Hi, Radioland

So you might be wondering why we’re calling this tour the Bucket of Blood 2k10 tour. Neither Lionel O nor Wisdom Tooth is particularly macabre, so it should seem out of character. It is out of character. We were driving to our Albuquerque show, and we saw a sign in Arizona (or outer New Mexico…not sure which) that was for “Bucket of Blood Ave.” No joke. When we get around to posting pictures, you’ll see it for yourselves. So that’s the story behind that.

Last night we played in Austin, and I’m writing from here. In a matter of minutes, we’ll drive to Denton, where we’ll spend the day and play a show tonight. The Austin show was a different breed from the others, but in a good way. We played at the Natrix Natrix house, a house venue tucked away in a residential neighborhood, with Jacob Borshard, David Isreal, and Literature. All put on terrific sets. We were able to trade some of our merch for David and Jacob’s, so when it comes time for a break from To Kill A Mockingbird we’ll have ample options.

Austin’s a great town. The two of us spent about three hours in a couple stores — record stores, thrift stores, coffee shops — each within a block of each other. If that. All without really reaching the main drag. Everyone we met yesterday was totally personable and sociable, both in town and at the show. We can’t wait to come back. Kind of a confusing city for outsiders to drive (we got lost several times), but worth it for the people and the friendly atmosphere they foster.

That’s about it. Now, on to Denton. Until next time,


PS – Lionel O’s latest record, Stranger, is up on iTunes!

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  1. There’s a Bucket of Blood St in Holbrook, Arizona.


    Google, it’s a wonderful thing.

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