Bucket of Blood 2k10: Denton, NOLA, Odds n' Stuff

Hi, Radioland

Matt and Meagan with another tour update, a bit late. A lot has happened since we last saw you, so it’s a bit hard to pick a starting point. Well, here goes:

First of all, Denton f’in rules. No sooner do we arrive at the house than we get greeted with smiles and TETRIS. On Nintendo, no less. And a killer turntable, so the two of us could listen to some of our haul from Austin. We bummed around town for a bit and went to a three-story-high used book and record emporium before meeting up with Dave Bay, who took us to this really cheap pan-Asian food place. Everyone around seemed to know him, so in turn they were kind to us. The three of us wound up taking a bunch of firewood from Texas Women’s College to the venue in a shopping cart later on, seeing as the people in charge of the show were trying to start a bonfire and had no wood. It was supposed to be an outdoor show, but it was far too brick to play outside. So the two of us played, Dust Congress, Sparlin’ Jessles  (his music sounds like the hypothetical child of Lionel O and Wisdom Tooth), and this Phil Spector-girl group type band The Hand Combine. All the bands, however different, played killer sets, and are worth checking out. They’re on myspace, I think.

The next day we spent driving to New Orleans. It was a long one, but one of the easier drives we had (the drive to Austin was a little murderous…we saw streaks of blood on the road at a couple points on that drive). We saw the sun set bubblegum colors over the swamp, and before we knew it we wound up in New Orleans at Colleen’s place. Even though we were beat from the long drive, it was a pleasure and a thrill to walk around her neighborhood looking at the old houses, the spaceship in someone’s front yard, and just seeing a new place. We watched Shallow Hal (awful) and part of Batman Returns (awesome) before konking out. The next day the two of us busked in the French Quarter since our show the previous night hadn’t happened, and the one the following night was sort of up in the air. It was a little tough to play in weather that cold, but it didn’t matter all that much: we got used to it quickly, and wound up staying and playing in various spots for a couple hours while people threw money at our feet, took pictures, and mostly smiled at us. You spend enough time recording or playing shows that are at least semi-organized that it’s easy to forget that this sort of thing — busking, I mean — is where this thing the two of us are doing begins and ends. There’s something really liberating about playing on the street for people to pay as much attention as they want, without a whole lot to lose. That night, we played a birthday party. Still energized from our time on the street, we played sets we could be proud of.

So that about catches you up. We’re in a cafe in New Orleans now using the internet and drinking chicory-root coffee, and in a couple hours Matt flies north and Meagan sticks around NOLA for a few before going to Orlando and then up the coast. I guess this is goodbye for now, us to you and us to each other. For now. Only for now. It’s been real, it’s been fun, it’s been something.

Radioland, it’s time to take out the trash.