1/6-1/7, Bucket of Blood Tour 2k10

Hello, radioland

Matt and Meagan again with another dispatch from the Southwest US. It’s been a couple days since we last wrote, and what a couple of days it’s been. We had a show the night after the Phoenix show in Albuquerque at the Gold House with Daniel Rhinier (Teenicide), The Arsonist, and Carlosaur, all of whom played great sets. They brought a fair amount of people, too, and they were all totally receptive and nice and just plain into it, which felt great. Nothing but positive vibes in that house, and I can only hope that the other shows on the tour will be that great.

The next day was a different sort of adventure. We’ve got more pix coming your way as soon as we can figure out how to load them…long story short, we drove for 16 hours from New Mexico to Austin on a drive that should’ve taken 11. There’s a large part of Texas that at least for the time being Matt will imagine as being bathed in pitch darkness. Not a bad thing, but from what he gathers it does get light around here sometimes. So after 3 mix tapes, two hours of the To Kill A Mockingbird audiobook, and a couple traipses in the wrong direction, we rolled into Austin at 4am. And that’s where we are now. We’ve got another show this evening at Natrix Natrix house with David Isreal, Literature, and Jacob Borshard. If you’re in Austin and like having a good time, come on down.

Love and BLOOD