WOBC Summer Community Bonfire! TOMORROW NIGHT in Tappan Square!







Come to the WOBC Summer Community Bonfire! THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 8TH 9PM-11PM IN TAPPAN SQUARE!
Open to the public! Bring your friends and family and have some fun around the fire! BYO-marshmallows and s’mores supplies, and we’ll bring all the firewood and some glow necklaces to share 😉

This is a family-friendly and substance-free event! Check the Facebook Event for more information and weather updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/266490767050062/

Apply for a Summer Radio Show!


If you’re going to be in or around Oberlin this summer, you should apply for a summer radio show on WOBC! Fill out the application on wobc.org/apply by Wednesday, June 1st at 11:59pm.

Programming will run from around June 6 – August 12 (subject to change). If you won’t be in Oberlin for the full summer, please indicate so on your application and we can try to work something out. We’ll have a strong sublist going all summer long so if you need to miss a few shows or you’re only able to host a couple, we’ll have you covered! If you can’t commit to a weekly show all summer but want to get on the sublist, email wobc@oberlin.edu.

Looking forward to a great summer at WOBC! Expect lots of BBQs, fun events, and brainstorming for the future of WOBC! If you have any questions or ideas, email wobc@oberlin.edu.

We hope you’ll all ride the waves with WOBC this summer and tune in!!

Becca Winer, Summer GM
Sam Meier, Summer Engineer

All Things Irish: Interviews with Eileen Ivers and Joanie Madden

Anita Lock, WOBC community member and host of All Things Irish, shares  interviews with recorded with Eileen Ivers and Joanie Madden from Cherish the Ladies.


Find out more at:




Eileen Ivers:

It has been said that Eileen Ivers will change the way you think about the violin. Indeed, the Grammy-awarded, Emmy-nominated guest has starred with over 40 orchestras, was the original Musical Star of Riverdance, and has played alongside notables, such as Sting, Hall and Oates, and The Chieftains—just to name a few. The founding member of Cherish the Ladies, Ivers musical talent can be found in movie soundtracks such as Gangs of New York and Titanic. She has performed for Presidents and Royalty worldwide. As Ivers’ list of accomplishments can go on and on, one thing is sure that she has established herself as the pre-eminent exponent of the Irish fiddle in the world today. As The Washington Post states, “She suggests the future of the Celtic fiddle.”

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At last, the WOBC.org redesign has come along


Great news, everybody: The redesigned WOBC.org has arrived just in time for interim and summer programming! (Sorry it took so long).

Our old look had a good run, but the time is right for a more clean, modern, and mobile-friendly layout. Here are some changes of which to make note:

  • News, PSAs, and a link to Radioactivity can now be found under “For DJs” in top menu
  • Radioactivity can also be located in the left-hand menu (bottom of the page on mobile)
  • Our Contact Form can be located in the left-hand menu

We’re also in the process of adding a page about our long-running, flagship shows, as well as more resources for DJs, including prerecorded Station IDs (under “For DJs”) and a PDF of our station manual.

Our site redesign is still in beta, and we welcome your feedback. Though we are currently in the process of changing over staff, you can direct any comments, questions, compliments, or concerns either through our contact form or by emailing us at wobc@oberlin.edu. We can also be contacted through Facebook.

In the meantime, here’s to a great summer full of great programming!

With love (and rockets),

Emma Nash (Webmaster 2015-2016)

Interview with Gabi Delgado of D.A.F.

Photo by frentesonicofuturista
Photo by frentesonicofuturistai

Anna Rose Greenberg, Traffic Director and DJ interviewed Gabi Delgado, best know for his work in Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft. D.A.F. was foundational for both the industrial and electronic scenes in Germany. Hear Delgado talk about the difference between East and West German music, his musical process, video games, and more!

Interview with Etienne Bianchi of Shaârghot

Anna Rose Greenberg, Traffic Director and DJ for WOBC, recently spoke with Etienne Bianchi, singer for the electro/industrial band Shaârghot. Shaârghot are known for their ghoulish stage personas and hard-driving songs.

Anna Rose: What is Shaârghot’s mission?

Etienne: Shaârghot’s mission is simple, blow up the world and have a big party.

He’s a former human creature that is the result of a failed experiment, is against all forms of religious and political thought, and is deeply amoral…

The creature claims the right to do what it wants, where it wants, and when it wants, without any empathy for its surroundings.

Basically, Shaârghot is the total opposite of a too straightforward and coordinated society. He is chaos and pure randomness, capable of the worse as well as the best depending on his capricious desires.

The Shaârghot surrounds himself with disciples: the so-called “shadows”, an army of disturbed people, whom he transforms to make them very similar to himself, related to him by a kind of hive mind relationship.

Playing music is illegal in the world of Shaârghot, so sometimes he travels to other worlds to be able to play, and then returns to his world to make a bit of a mess…

Anna Rose: Do you have any upcoming projects or shows?

Etienne: Between my work as a video editor and Shaârghot, I have literally no time to do anything else…

Shaârghot is a very time consuming project for my companions and myself and it becomes very difficult to combine it with other activities…

But I hope to be able to make some other universes through the videos I produce for other groups!

My latest work is the video for my friends of Jesus Volt, a French rock group that is really very good!

As for the shows, we mainly perform in France.

Our next date is in Paris with our friends from Herschafft and Tricksterland.

These are fabulous groups each having their own particular universe!

In July, we play with Little Big, this totally crazy Russian band and obviously we are opening the M’era Luna Festival on the Main Stage on August 13th!

We have other offers to play elsewhere in Europe, particularly Alicante in Spain where we play at the festival “Dark Industrial Fest”.

Regarding the rest of Europe, we’ll make some announcements later!

Anna Rose: Your music has-been called voodoo industrial. How would you define your sound?

Etienne: Haha! I really don’t know, people say voodoo probably because of our stage looks that blend voodoo, cyberpunk and post apocalyptic universes… but otherwise I would say that Shaârghot’s music is a cross-over between industrial metal and dark electro…

I leave it to our audience to put us in the category they see fit!

But one thing is certain, it’s not jazz…

Anna Rose: What themes or topics are you most interested in exploring?

Etienne: There are a lot of possible themes to explore with Shaârghot.

The character comes from a cyberpunk world and cyberpunk offers loads of possibilities.

It’s a world that shows society as we know it but with exacerbated quirks!

Despite themselves, this world’s people have created a creature which is the reflection of the whole human degeneration.

Shaârghot’s lack of empathy and his almost complete amnesia about his former life enable him to take an “innocent” approach to many social phenomena he understands little or not at all.

Currently, the character is in its infancy stage and just wants to have fun like a child, but we are dealing with a devious, autonomous, and particularly excessive child!

Growing up, the creature will be able to explore the universe it’s surrounded with, but for now let him have his fun!

(I don’t know who will pick up the pieces yet, but I wish him the best of luck!)

Anna Rose: How do you prepare yourself before a show?

Etienne: Makeup is an obvious way to put me in condition to host the character. For Shaârghot, the black that covers him is not makeup, but like a second skin, a kind of parasite with whom he maintains a symbiotic relationship.

I’m not telling you much about it but I’ll detail its creation later…

When I’m fully geared up, I prefer to stay in the dark and I try to make room for the entity, I house his memories, his attitudes, his way of talking, I let him just come.

I only come back at the end of the show! It’s an acting job that requires a lot of rehearsal time with the group or solo in front of a mirror to study the gestures of the character, his facial expressions etc…, etc…

My comrades go through the same process as I do, it is interesting to see their behaviors and attitudes change as they “transform” into shadows…

Long story short, it’s all a kind of ritual you see?

But it is more than necessary to the success of the show!


Anna Rose: What have you been listening to lately?

Etienne: Wow! Good question! I listen to music constantly, I hate staying wrapped in silence. Even for work, I need a musical background!

Currently, I’m listening to Bak XIII. 5 minutes ago, it was Punish Yourself and This Morn Omina and before this it was Be My Enemy and Mangadrive!

But let’s stop here, I can’t list all the random groups I listen to indefinitely haha!

Anna Rose: What is your opinion of the current electro/industrial scene?

Etienne: Hmmm I think the scene is in a dead end right now.

Many bands live on their past glories, some try to renew but they don’t innovate much…

There’s an obvious lack of fresh blood nowadays.

I would love to see new groups emerge with completely different influences than the industrial scene.

It could give a new breath to this musical trend, which feels a bit necrosed to me…

I often hear foreigners say that there is no industrial scene in our country.

Well it’s true that the French public is much smaller than in Germany but there are a lot of excellent French bands too unknown in my opinion…

I’m thinking about Punish Yourself, Sonic Area, Flesh, Horskh, Herrschaft, Chrysalis and Dark Line Spectrum to name a few of them!

I surely forgot a lot of them but if you’re curious, there is the “Musique indus de France” Facebook page which lists all groups related directly or indirectly to industrial.

So I really encourage you to take a look and a listen because the French scene is far from inactive or bad, it just lacks attentive ears, and I sincerely hope that one day my colleagues will make it to various festivals outside of France!

Anna Rose: Are there any musicians you’d like to work with?

Etienne: Hmmm not really. I admire the work of many musicians, but I don’t actively look for collaborations…

There are some artists that I love, but I have to check first if our musical choices are really consistent and not just working together through pure cronyism…

For the time being, we worked two times with other artists, namely Kamera Obscura and Rabia Sorda for remixes!

It went very well, and I don’t exclude the possibility to repeat the experience.

Anna Rose: If you were king of the world for a day, what would you do?

Etienne: Hahahaha no! Everything but that!!!

You can’t imagine the mess it would be I think…

There would be turkeys everywhere and I’d end up blowing up the planet!

No no no, let’s be serious for a minute, never entrust me the world, it would be the last day of humanity.

Nevertheless, before everything blows up to pieces, we might have a good laugh hahaha!

Anna Rose: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Etienne: Yes, I’m proud of myself, I managed to put the word “turkey” once in an interview…

Oh, wait a minute… no, twice! hahahaha!

By Teddy Masson

Thanks very much to Etienne Bianchi!

You can find Shaârghot on Facebook and on iTunes.

Vault Workgroup Mixtape


Vault workgroup here! We have some exciting updates.

Our recent Disco party was rip-roaring success, a crowded event with lots of dancing and great DJs. In addition to this event, our group has been putting together a compilation CD of all the best tracks we’ve found in the vault this semester. Below you can find the tracklist — most of these songs cannot be found online, so we encourage people to come in and search for these albums in the station! A great way to get to know the vault. Have a great summer!

  1. Tempo no Tempo – State of Emergency from The Get Down
  2. sharkattack – charline.look.for.the line
  3. Jens Lekman – Waiting for Kirsten from An Argument with Myself
  4. Savages – Sad Person from Adore Life
  5. Art of Noise – Peter Gunn (the Twang Mix) from Peter Gunn
  6. Shelley Hirsch – The Aida Song from O Little Town of East New York
  7. Daniel Wang – Like Some Dream from I Was a Disco Malcontent
  8. Fursaxa – Clé Elum from Alone in the Dark Wood
  9. Slits – Earthbeat from The Return of the Giant Slits
  10. Blonde Redhead – Elephant Woman from Misery is a Butterfly

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