Fundraiser for New Transmitter: DONATE TODAY!

14853295_10154168970422725_6861009808360645596_oDear WOBC Friends & Family,

WOBC FM has been broadcasting from an old Orban model transmitter from the 1980s for the past 30 years, which is on its last legs this season and in need of immediate replacement in order for WOBC to continue broadcasting. Our goal is to raise $6,500 in 30 days in order to be able to install a new transmitter by winter break.

Help us replace our outdated & defunct transmitter and keep the tradition of freeform college & community radio alive in Oberlin! Donate to our fundraiser TODAY and please help us spread the word by sharing this link with everyone you know!

Thank you for supporting us with this crucial fundraiser! We’re looking forward to the many more years of freeform radio that this new transmitter will help us broadcast.

The WOBC Board

Electronic Workgroup: Songs to get through finals

From our headphones2yours


Disco Steve








Good luck everyone!

Outreach Workgroup’s Hot Halloween Playlist

Check out this beautiful playlist created by WOBC’s outreach workgroup! These are the favorite spooky songs of the outreach team here to help you enjoy your halloween and keep the spirit up as we enter november!

Leatherface -The Final Nightmare

Sarah Jessica Parker -Come Little Children (from Hocus Pocus)

Tomasa Del Real -La Vampira

Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons – Ice Cream to God

Bobby Pickett -Monster Mash

Antsy Pants -Vampire

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Intro -This is Halloween

R.E.M and Sesame Street -Furry Happy Monsters

The Misfits -Ghoul’s Night Out

Gravediggaz -Mommy What’s A Gavedigga?

Primus -Coattails of a Deadman


Thanks for listening! Tune in to hear Community Hour Sundays @1pm and Turn Up! The Radio with the Ty Squad Tuesdays @5pm !!

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